CEVE 543: Data Science for Climate Risk Assessment

This is the course website for the Fall 2023 edition of CEVE 543, Data Science for Climate Risk Assessment, taught at Rice University by James Doss-Gollin.

Course Information

  • Details on the class and course policies are provided in the syllabus.
  • Topics, slides, assignments, and other materials can be found in the schedule.


Dr. James Doss-Gollin is an assistant professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rice University. His research integrates Earth science, data science, and decision science to address challenges in climate risk management, water resources, and energy system resilience. He also teaches CEVE 421/521 (Climate Risk Management).

Software Tools

  • This course will use the Julia programming language. Julia is a modern, free, open source language designed for scientific computing.
  • No prior knowledge of Julia (or other programming languages) is required. We will cover all required material in labs.
  • Assignments will be distributed using GitHub Classroom.


The layout for this site was inspired by and draws from Vivek Srikrishnan’s Environmental Systems Analysis course at Cornell, STA 210 at Duke University, and Andrew Heiss’s course materials at Georgia State.